About We Are Merch​

We are different than other on demand Merchandise stores, Why?

We do this for the Bands and Artists, not ourselves

The Bands and Artists are paid 50% of the proceeds from each sale.​

We provide this service to Bands and Artists free of charge.

Bands and Artists are paid quarterly for every item sold on the site.​

All of the additional profits made by WE ARE MERCH goes towards The U.C.A.S.S. Nonprofit in order to provide a place for bands and artists to capture additional income.​

We are also affiliated with 2 rehearsal studio companies (Suna Studios and Bully's Studios). Their mandate is to help and aid the local music scene as best as we can.​

Any questions, artwork, or anything at all can be sent to sunastuff@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and supporting the arts!