What is Revival?


Founder Benjamin Wise

The Revival Festival founded in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada to showcase the level of high-quality local talent in the area. Now more than ever, we need to show love and appreciation for our independent artists both globally and locally. Since I first visited Colombia in 2015, I fell in love with its people and its land. It’s since been my dream to bring the Revival Festival to the coast of Colombia, where locals share a passionate love of artistic expression but sadly do not have much access to live music. The Revival Festival will be one of the first events of its kind in the area, and we hope it will be a beacon of light for locals and tourists alike.

We are happy to be donating one third of all profits to two charities - the El Rio Foundation and Women for Conservation. The El Rio Foundation focuses on offering educational support and community sport opportunities to the local community, in addition to reforestation and waste management projects. Women for Conservation works to empower women and girls to lead in the field of conservation by providing them with environmental education, resources to implement and complete projects, and access to a network of professional scientists and advisers. Both charities work in the Sierra Nevada to directly support small communities that now, more than ever, need as much help as possible.

A collaboration with The City of New Westminster. This event fundraiser is by donation, anything will help.

Revival is a live music festival style fundraiser. We at U.C.A.S.S. along with the City of New Westminster and other collaborators are bringing you a community event for all to enjoy. A full stage with lights, video & sound.





Marc E (DJ/Producer)




Marc-E is a music producer, and performer home to Vancouver BC, Canada.
His sound is a unique mix of world music and nature samples, with electronic, and organic drum rhythms. Since a young age, Marc-E has spent much of his life working on music projects, including contribution to multiple albums and multinational tours. He has taken the experiences and knowledge learned, and created music that is distinctive and unforgettable. Through the music, he includes the listener on his psychedelic and spiritual journey.

Kristina Lao







Clubhouse: @mykristinalao


Kristina Lao is a trans-national, mixed race, interdisciplinary Artist-Advocate from Hong Kong. Passionate about socially-charged storytelling, her softly articulated Brit-lilt vocals float pensive melodies over breath-catching choruses. Influenced by Paul Simon, Regina Spektor, and Tracy Chapman, Lao is a fierce advocate for positive social change and artivism. She is currently writing with engineer and producer Karl Dicaire (Big Wreck, Danko Jones, Mother Mother).

Kristina Lao is a Chinese, Nepalese and British interdisciplinary artist and advocates from Hong Kong, currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. With catchy hooks and Brit-lilt vocals over string-skipping guitar, her cinematic folk pop illuminates the heart in true troubadour style. Highlights include placements in award-winning short film Sick to My Bones, with Chinese Pop Star Jane Zhang, and working with music industry heavyweights Robin Millar, CBE (Multi-grammy and platinum producer: Sade, Anything but the Girl), Dave Genn (Canadian Hall of Fame Inductees 54•40) Simon Darlow (Sir Cliff Richards, Toyah). Kristina’s recent performance credits include UK national theatre tours, award-winning films and network television shows for Hallmark, Disney and Netflix. She is currently writing with engineer and producer Karl Dicaire (Big Wreck, Danko Jones, Mother Mother), and they will be releasing a series of releases in 2021.

Tobacco Brown (Kevan Schell) ft. Dusty Drumskins


Short Bio
Tobacco Brown is the moniker of the multifaceted singer-songwriter Kevan Schell. The Vancouver based artist’s work is warm yet elusive, stirring up a spectacular array of emotions. Kevan explores the deep waters of his mind while executing his vision through guitar explosions and dark harmonies. His resounding smooth voice sounds as if he is whispering directly in your ear while igniting goosebumps on your neck. He manages to layer genre upon genre while remaining refreshingly distinctive. Drawing from influences such as Tom Waits, John Lee Hooker and Weird Al; there is no one quite like him.

Kevan has been making music for as long as you would age scotch that also pairs well with his music FYI. Kevan released his self-titled debut EP under “Tobacco Brown” in 2016. This five-song offering is a brilliant introduction to this world. It is an instantly addictive record packed with mesmerizing melodies and instrumental victories. Each song is a bonafide hit that could pack any underground dance floor. His charming lyricism infused with his astounding voice is completely dizzying. Kevan has been working on a new album and recently released the single the heart-shattering Classify. This sophomore record will be unleashed in 2021 and is well worth the wait. Tobacco Brown is the music we all deserve after the wrath of 2020. Stay tuned as he is certainly one to watch.

Teller & The Tale
Casey Jones





Teller and The Tale became obsessed with the bluegrass and folk music of the 19th and early 20th century after hearing the works of Ralph Stanley; he was drawn to the contrast of the bright and upbeat music about rebellion, vagabonds, outlaws, and despair. Bluegrass and outlaw country continued to be his focus in his early career. Through those years he performed in bars, venues, festivals, and parties, beginning his journey as a career musician.
His recent years were spent refining his songwriting and production style, where he began to blend influences from old western ballads, soul and R&B, pop, and rock n roll. Now, it’s time for his years of experience as a pure musician to grow to fruition. With 12 singles set to release, Teller and The Tale is ready to make his mark on the music industry.

Henri Brown (Jimi Hendrix’s cousin)


Henri Brown is a Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Film Writer, Film Producer, Actor and so much more. He is a dedicated, devoted, passionate, creative and talented man who puts his whole heart into anything he is involved in.

Henri's life has always been about Music and Creativity. He was exposed to music at a young age, being the first cousin of Jimi Hendrix, the nephew of Eleanor Collins and the son of Black Cultured Pearl.

Music called and Henri came running. He learned to play Bass at a young age and has since mastered that craft, along with many others.

Henri has been blessed with working with many other talented artists in his studio such as Buddy Miles, Narada Michael Walden, Wayne Otis, Gordon Durity, Chris Sigerson, Tod Woodward, Jayson Dean, Sheldon Reynolds (of Earth, Wind and Fire), Blind God, Stan Ganapolsky, Wynton Marsalis, Denny Clark, Corey Phillips, Vince Mai, Brett McCrady and Henri's beautiful Mom, Black Cultured Pearl. He has recorded some amazing music, some of which has been heard by others and some which has yet to be released and shared with the rest of the world.

Henri has also been blessed to be in the presence of some other amazing talents such as; James Brown, Diana Ross, Bryan Adams, Montell Jordan, Morgan Freeman, Ricky Martin, Will Smith, John Travolta and many more, it would be impossible to name them all.

Henri's love for Music has given him the chance to travel the world and meet some amazing people along the way. He has made connections wherever he has been and had the opportunity to bless people with his smile, his heart, and his soul.

Check out the following pages, to learn more about the man, who is Henri Brown. Keep coming back for more, as there will always be new music, information on upcoming shows and more photos for your viewing pleasure. Check out the music, the videos, the interviews and stay tuned for more on Henri Brown.



In the Cards is an alternative rock/blues band based in Vancouver BC.
Chris McLeod - Vocal, Guitar
Amadeus Ramos - Lead Guitar
Ryan Souliere - Drums
Devin Noel - Bass

We've secured this great local band last minute.

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